Changing times along with the weather

Getting back to making.....

Its been a rollercoaster of a few months, actually like half a year really.  Did you notice the lack of content from me?...... I have been keeping a low profile, and had lost a bit of my creative bug for a while.  This felt very strange for me, but other stuff in life just took over.  I guess this happens to us all, so I didn't fight it and just went with it.  So what have I been up too.....? Well, from having our home on the market for over 6 months (anyone who has done this knows the rituals of cleaning required...) but also I have been enjoying having weekends off again which means lots of catching up on surfing....

   Me & my amazing single fin

Some of you might not know but last year I opened the shop Store 16 with another local maker.  That was an amazing experience, and one I don't regret, but it was a challenge managing my time.  I was constantly making products to fill the shop, working in the shop whilst working full time as a Town Planner.  That venture has now ended, the store that we created still lives on but has been relocated over east.  In a way, I think it was a blessing in disguise.  I don't think at the time I realised how crazy busy I was, till it was over.

                             Times spent in the shop, with my helper Molly Dog

So, back to getting things happening.  So enough about me, whats been going on with Made by Lucy... Well, did you see my post about House of Home Pop up? I was lucky to have my white and copper hangers featured in their incredible pop up shop.  I just love the styling with the grey concrete pots and ferns on the blue wall.

After the hangers were featured in House of Home, I also completed a new style macrame wall hanger.  This was a commissioned piece that I was asked to make for a leaving present.  I used a different cotton rope to what I usually use, its a 3 strand rope, which means that you can free the ends to make the beautiful tassels. What do you think?

 Here it is hanging in my hallway, I think I need to make another one to keep

 The next project is to organise some more workshops, so stay tuned for dates and workshops coming up in the next few months.

 Happy crafting everyone, Lucy xx


Lets get crocheting

August has been a month about crochet for.  I have embarked on running some crochet workshops which I have called 'Round & Round' crochet rug workshop.  The name seemed fitting.  Its been very exciting as the workshop has proven really popular, so rest assured, if you were unable to secure a spot, I will be running more.  I have been noticing a lot more demand for me to come to Perth, thanks Perth peeps, I am now exploring options of bringing my workshops to you....

 Here some lovely photos from the last workshop at the lovely Mono.

Mono offers a wonderful workspace enabling us to all sit together, share a glass of bubbles and when not concentrating too much, have a chat.

I supply this wonderful recycled T-Shirt yarn that is so lovely to work with.  Its soft on the hands, and thicker than your average yarn, so your work grows nice and quick.

Crochet is a lovely craft, that once you get the hang of using the hook and the stitches, its something that you can enjoy at home.  I love to crochet in front of the tv at night. 

Its lovely to work with and share this craft, and I hope to inspire lots of you to have a go yourselves.


Winter Delights

During this winter time I have the time to experiment with some new ideas that I have had.  Though I should probably be stocking up, and getting ready for summer, I just cant help myself.  Macramé is everywhere these days.... some are very similar, but there are others that's are just taking macramé to new heights.  Have you seen the work of Sarah from Small Town?  Wow, Sarah's macramé work is just incredible.  Sarah is based in Melbourne, and all her pieces are all unique and handmade.   Below is a picture of her basketball net hanging trellis, just awesome.... (Link to Small town website via the image below)



I have been trying to take my plant hangers in a different direction, and by using the traditional knots, come up with different ways of applying them.  Here is one new hanger style I recently designed.


Just last Saturday whilst I was working in my shop, Store 16, I had recently purchased an Ivy, and wanted to come up with a similar but black hanger where the Ivy could grow upwards.  Here is what I came up with..


As you will tell, my work is always changing and evolving, that what's really exciting...

More workshop dates coming soon...