Winter Delights

During this winter time I have the time to experiment with some new ideas that I have had.  Though I should probably be stocking up, and getting ready for summer, I just cant help myself.  Macramé is everywhere these days.... some are very similar, but there are others that's are just taking macramé to new heights.  Have you seen the work of Sarah from Small Town?  Wow, Sarah's macramé work is just incredible.  Sarah is based in Melbourne, and all her pieces are all unique and handmade.   Below is a picture of her basketball net hanging trellis, just awesome.... (Link to Small town website via the image below)



I have been trying to take my plant hangers in a different direction, and by using the traditional knots, come up with different ways of applying them.  Here is one new hanger style I recently designed.


Just last Saturday whilst I was working in my shop, Store 16, I had recently purchased an Ivy, and wanted to come up with a similar but black hanger where the Ivy could grow upwards.  Here is what I came up with..


As you will tell, my work is always changing and evolving, that what's really exciting...

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