Crochet Basket
Crochet Basket
Crochet Basket
Made by Lucy

Crochet Basket

The baskets are created by hand by crocheting a 6mm spiral cotton rope into the desired shape. The rope is 100% cotton and allows the baskets to be moulded into the desired shape. The basket create a stunning textured piece to stand alone or to be used as a planter. The cotton rope allows the item to be gently washed by hand.

  • Crocheted by hand, by Lucy, in Margaret River
  • Textured statement piece
  • Can be washed by hand
  • Durable for all uses
  • 100% Made in Australia
  • Each bowl is unique

The baskets measures 22cm x 19cm high.

Due to the unique and handmade nature of the crochet baskets the sizing and shapes can vary slightly, and please note that the plant is not included with this product.